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The German set sights on record production cars

The German set sights on record production cars

The German set sights on record production cars

German car manufacturers are steadily increasing production volumes and at the end of 2014 growth to be around 2 percent.

The forecast for next year is even more optimistic – plus 4 percent.

In this case, the German automakers first time in history have produced more than 15 million vehicles.

These figures announced the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA) at a press conference in Berlin. VDA President Matthias Wissmann said that in fact the case in the industry is better than you might think. Negative sentiment in the economy arises from the many hot spots around the world and especially in Ukraine. However, the numbers are inexorable – German auto industry is growing.

The Germans set sights on record production cars

Car production at German factories rose by two per cent – up to 5.5 million units. This has led to an increase in the number of jobs in the automobile industry of Germany about 23 400. Thus, now in Germany for automotive industry employs about 784,000 people.

Also noted that at the end of 2014 in Germany will be sold more than 3 million new vehicles against 2.95 million in the past. As for the world market, the 2015 VDA predicts growth of about 2 percent – to 76.4 million units. In this regard, the German manufacturers are planning to increase the output of vehicles (both domestic and foreign markets) to a record 15.25 million. pcs. or 4%.

Growth in worldwide sales of vehicles expected mainly due to America and Asia, especially China. American car market went to pre-crisis level of 16 million new cars, and the market of the PRC increased for the year by nearly 10 percent – to 17.9 million units.

At the same time, in Western Europe, sales of new cars in the past year for the first time in the last 4 years has not diminished, and even grew by four percent. The following year, the Germans predict a rise in sales in the region by 2 percent – to 12.2 million. pcs. The main “brake” Europe has become France and Italy, where the economy is not in the best condition.

A serious blow to German companies struck Russia and Brazil, which due to a significant reduction in the automotive market particularly badly affected Opel and Volkswagen.

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