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German car premium brand will present at CES 2015 innovations

German car premium brand will present at CES 2015 innovations

German car premium brand will present at CES 2015 innovations

In the automotive world, there are many varieties of major events: there are the usual car dealerships, where the presentation of new cars and concepts, there is an exhibition of auto accessories and tuning, or to see how the professionals are changing the face of cars. Until now, automakers have not been as active in the presentation of new technologies, but soon things can change.

At the Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas, one of the main exhibits will be automotive technology from the German premium brands. With the arrival of new players in the industry who are trying to win a leading position in the field of technological cars, the German “three”, you must activate their resources to justify the high prices of cars.

Mercedes in early January will present a prototype of the car with the local government, which will demonstrate how could affect the foundations of the existing traffic communication between vehicles and communication between vehicle and infrastructure. Also show that the Germans might look like the interior of the vehicle.

Audi will arrive in Las Vegas with new infotainment technologies. In particular, the company will show a removable plate, which is included in the equipment of the new generation Q7. The tablet can be used rear passengers to control the secondary functions of the car.

BMW will bring to America the innovative technology without a driver parking in multi-storey parking garages. Car is looking for space with the help of sensors and cameras is also able to independently leave the car park to the owner.

The most obvious competitors in the field of technological cars is an American brand Tesla. Not so long ago the company announced the emergence of self-car technology, as well as for the industry’s exclusive system firmware update over the air.

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