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Former employees of Nokia developed the alarm for wheels

Former employees of Nokia developed the alarm for wheels

Former employees of Nokia developed the alarm for wheels

In an era of active development of GPS-search market, a lot of systems that can help track down a stolen car. However, a team of specialists, previously worked at Nokia, went a little further and came up with a system of protection for wheels.

The new service called Project Overlord developers have created a small receiver that plugs into the tire of the vehicle and responds to attempts to remove the wheel. In this case, the system can be installed not only in vehicles of all types, but also motorcycles, bicycles, and indeed in the wheel of any vehicle and machinery. Details of the developers have not yet reported, but, apparently, this system will work in different cases differently.

For example, in the car sensor will be triggered if the gap fix wheels off the ground, that is, when you try to put the car thief on the jack and remove the wheel. In this case, the system will take four consecutive steps: first, send an alarm to the owner of the smartphone, then turn GPS tracker, which will track the movement of the wheel, and then starts a loud sound to scare away the thief, and then automatically call the police.

In the case of two-wheeled transport algorithm is slightly different: the device will respond to the beginning of the movement. In addition, the creators are currently thinking about how to turn his invention into a full-fledged anti-theft device that will emit a loud alarm sounds directly from the wheels and track the movement of the car.

It is assumed that the service support system will cost the owner of a $ 65 per year. However, how much will it cost the device itself, the sponsors are not reported. Currently in Project Overlord seeking financing to complete the development and organization of production.

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