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For Rental car comes the revolution

For Rental car comes the revolution

For Rental car comes the revolution

Car Rental, slowly but surely, moving towards a revolution in the world of car use. According to statistics, in Russia, the industry is developing dynamically, adding 20-30% annually. What can we say about the West, where car rental is becoming almost an equivalent alternative to buying it? Among the advantages of the lease can be identified and that the tenant is not required to bear the additional cost of the car – to change tires, to serve, to repair dents and other types of damage.

One of the little known facts about owning a car is that 90% of its “life” it stands parked in the parking lot or at home. Yes, the machine can work for 24 hours, but do not need to motorists. There are days when the car and did not need, standing idle in the garage. And when you need it, its operation takes only a few hours a day. The only exception is that when the car is used for travel, but then it does not happen so often. However, despite this, the car owner spends huge amounts of money to buy it, refueling, repair and maintenance.

Journalist AutoExpress says that one day for some reason left without a car. He had two options: to use public transport or car rental services. Deciding to try something new, he leaned toward the latter. Within five minutes, he received an e-mail confirming your reservation on the five-door hechtbek with a 1.4 liter engine – 7 pounds a day. At the same time he did not have to provide credit history, it did not impose additional insurance and not limit it to run the car, and the car looked neat, clean and almost new.

In India, for example, young people fundamentally refuse to buy cars: weekdays they use bicycles or mopeds and cars for rent on weekends. In general, the car rental market is developing around the world, and that means big savings for businesses and reduce the cost of rent for clients.

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