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First time: new Aston Martin DB10

First time: new Aston Martin DB10

Modern secret agent should not be evident. That will help him in this better than unique, loud roaring Aston Martin with a shark snout?

His name is 10, Aston Martin DB10. At the presentation in Pinewood Studios, where from the stars was not breathe, director Sam Mendes took the ashes with a new, unprecedented Aston Martin, presenting one of the stars of “Spectrum”, the 24th James Bond film. The film will be released in late 2015, and Don Juan among the best fictional spies will again play Daniel Craig. It is not surprising, perhaps, that in addition to the name of the new service motor 007 is not known, because it is created in a secret laboratory MI6. Therefore TopGear chose lamp brighter and called for questioning creator Aston Martin DB10, chief designer of Aston Martin Marek Raikhman. To find out what will be installed on the DB10, read Is it the future of Aston Martin and that hides the long-predlinny hood. We need the truth. Only the true mother peremat!

First time: new Aston Martin DB10

Top Gear: Where did the project start Aston Martin DB10?

Marek Reichman: In our first meeting Sam Mendes described the idea of a new machine Bond. Machine-poster for the boys, who first watch a movie about the 007. I was immediately introduced a new DB5. Sporty, yet classic. Tool mechanism, scalpel, rather than the kitchen knife. That’s what I wanted Sam. Simple, clean Aston Martin, what was the first DB5.

TG: But not a variation on the DB5?

MR: Retro excluded. Sam said: “We do not need similarity DB5, otherwise it is better just take the original.” This car should be modern and unique.

First time: new Aston Martin DB10

Aston Martin DB10 – predator hunters. I wanted to do it that way …

TG: And that Aston Martin DB10 inside?

MR: Inside the V8 Vantage. The wheelbase is longer than the Vantage, and the track is incredibly broad, almost like the One-77. The engine, as you guessed, probably, 4.7-liter V8 … but there is also something you were not expecting. We want to focus on what they do hands of James Bond. Here’s a hint.

TG: Hmm, accepted. And why “DB10”, if he was a relative V8 Vantage, instead DB9?

MR: Because this is a modern interpretation of the DB5. Bond associated with the model DB. Vantage design need only to car traveled. He even proportions others. We had very little time to work – I had to take what was.

TG: What’s new for Aston design Aston Martin DB10?

First time: new Aston Martin DB10

MR: Proportions: very long hood and shifted aft cabin. Simple and elegant line is on your side: it starts from the top of the front wing, goes to the door and breaks above the rear wheel arch. Tough, sharp line. Wheels stick out from the body though. The most noticeable change on the nose – in reverse, sharks tilted grating. And the nose – the lowest of the people that we have ever done. But he is not aggressive. Simple, sleek silhouette.

TG: Has the style Aston Martin DB10 on a more realistic image of James Bond, created by Craig?

MP: Definitely. The character is now closer to the original, hard Bond that much time to physical training. I wanted to create an image of the car and the athlete. Daniel Craig, of course, a lot of swings, I wanted the car to be like him. He – a predator, a hunter.

First time: new Aston Martin DB10

Wax figures of Craig and Mendez frighteningly realistic

TG: This reflects the new, darker side of Bond?

LL: Grate in the shade – a message, explicit or subconscious as you want. In this car more gloom.

TG: Is it a picture props, and how – to demonstrate the future of design?

MR: It is one of ten cars for the film. Of course, we will take something from him in the future. But this is a car for the movie, a brand new car of James Bond. This association will be as direct as in the case of the DB5 and Sean Connery. This car will be Daniel Craig.

First time: new Aston Martin DB10

How it all began: Bond and Aston Martin first met in “Goldfinger”. DB5 Sean Connery received a full set of accessories from Kew: changing rooms, and a catapult (can not be!) Satellite navigation

TG: Cargo liability feel?

MR: It’s about you and this dream to become a designer. That someone will come and say: “We would like you to do a completely new wheelbarrow for Bond.” And you said: “Excellent, ready to start right now.”

TG: you collect ten Aston Martin DB10 They can be bought?

MR: They’re just for the movie. Some will break. Cars will not be sorry, they will participate in the real trick. And it is not computer graphics – inside sits a man and everything happens at the maximum speed.

TG: What distinguishes the work on the car for the movie to work on the concept?

First time: new Aston Martin DB10

MR: We have to think about how the car is moving, as it looks on the screen, whether it is beautiful in the pursuit, consider all angles. Not to mention the gadgets …

TG: Oh yeah, gadgets. Come on, Kew, lay …

MR: [laughs] No. I want, but I can not. Sam introduced the car as “the first member of the cast.” He has a big role. He will do what we do not expect.

First time: new Aston Martin DB10

TG: Like what?

MR: [thinks] For example, they have a relationship with Bond, but not like Bond with his girls. In the film, all will see and understand.

TG: Friendship Bond and the brand has already lasted half a century. Why is this relationship so strong?

MR: As we have an element of mystery. We are recognized throughout the world, but in his heart remains true British …

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