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First crossover will be based on Lotus Evora models

First crossover will be based on lotus Evora models

First crossover will be based on lotus Evora models

In Russia came to the winter weather, and all motorists is time to make sure that their wheels winter tires worth. Timely changing the tires on the vehicle – it is very important. This promotes better handling, and hence greater safety. Winter tires should be selected in accordance with the class of vehicle: SUV, sedan, sports car. For each type of vehicle has its tire options from cheap to expensive – there really a choice for the buyer.

Lotus Evora Cars brand hardly often travel on snow-covered slopes, but the new president, Jean-Marc Gal plans by 2020 to reach the level of sales of 10 000 units of cars, so that cars will be scattered to all corners of the world. Now, however, the British-Malaysian company is still in an unprofitable state. The new leader is going to save by using Lotus-developed network of dealers and new models. Including crossover.

The fact that Lotus decided to design a crossover, it became known for a long time. However, it was assumed that this would be a new model on the basis of a car Proton, the Malaysian car brands. But in an interview with Jean-Marc Car Gal stated unequivocally that “SUV” will be based on sprotkare Evora. Due to this model and the new sedan, which will be released somewhere in 2017, Lotus expects to receive a basic income.

As for the other plans, Lotus, then at the Geneva Motor Show will present an updated version of Evora with intercooler, improved handling, optimized door sills for easy entry into the car and rewrite the price tag. Lotus is also planning to create a roadster based on the Evora, according to Jean-Marc Galya, is “the easiest thing there is to do.”

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