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Fia put scoring system to obtain super license

Fia put scoring system to obtain super license

Fia put scoring system to obtain super license

Since 2016 Formula 1 going to introduce a new point system for those riders who want to act in the championship. The system has emerged as its supporters and opponents. It is also interesting that if it had been introduced earlier, many of the current pilots could not act in Formule1.

After the Formula-1 was invited young Max Verstappen, behind which only one season in the European F3 series, the management decided to bring the championship more requirements for new pilots. First, they must be over 18 years and have two years experience of playing in the junior series. In addition, they must have a driver’s license, they must learn the rules of Formula One and go 300 miles on the car F1. Those pilots who have already been approved as part of the team for next year, these rules do not apply.

Since 2016 when issuing superlitsenzii will also be considered a success in the junior series. For each place in them is assigned a certain number of points. For example, the winner of the Formula Renault 3.5 gets 30 points, second place winners – 2, and the third – 10 points. Depending on the status of the series, the number of points for the seat may be larger or smaller. For example, the holder of the title in GP2 immediately gets 60 points.

Robin Freyns, Dutch rider, who last year was a test driver for Caterham, the new system would receive 30 points for the title in the Formula Renault 3.5 in 2012, but from 2016 the previous results will be canceled. Freyns generally endorses the system because he believes that will contribute to the presence in the championship really strong drivers and remove it from those who simply helped sponsors.

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