• Today is: Friday, December 15, 2017

In Europe banned cars without ESP

In Europe banned cars without ESP

In Europe banned cars without ESP

This week in Europe prohibited the implementation of new cars without ESP.

From today, all new cars must have a system of the European Union Stability in the base set. This applies to all automakers.

In the US and Canada, the new machines cannot be sold without ESP since 2011.

It is worth recalling that in 2008 the European Commission put forward a corresponding requirement, assuming that such an initiative will help reduce the number of road accidents. Installation on vehicles weighing up to 4 tons, the ESP system became mandatory.

ESP is considered the birth date in 1987. It was then that the Bosch and Continental merged with BMW and Mercedes for the development of today’s popular security system. And already in 1995, went on sale stock cars equipped with a stabilization system.

According to statistics, this year in Europe has sold 84% of vehicles with ESP. Around the world – 59%. Besides North America, ESP has to be installed in new cars in Australia and Israel.

ESP (Electronic Stability Control) – an auxiliary security system of the car, which can prevent a skid by computer torque control of the wheels (one or more at a time). Triggered system in dangerous situations when possible or has already started losing drivability. To date, the most effective security system to stabilize handling cars.

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