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Disc brakes MEYLE PD: combination of reliability and aesthetics

Disc brakes MEYLE PD: combination of reliability and aesthetics

Disc brakes MEYLE PD: combination of reliability and aesthetics

The braking system of the car – one of the most important systems to ensure safety. But not every driver think about the processes that occur in the brake system – Disc brakes MEYLE PD.

Executing nodes brake subjected to high loads and environmental influences. In doing so they must always remain in good technical condition.

Brake disc type became widespread because of the advantages in operation and improved reliability compared to drum type Disc brakes MEYLE PD. Modern automotive electronics, namely, ABS, works best with a Disc brakes MEYLE PD system.

However, like any other facility type disc brakes also have some disadvantages. First of all, it’s pretty fast wear of the working surfaces of the brake. So you need to constantly monitor the wear of discs and pads, and time to change these details.

Disc brakes MEYLE PD: combination of reliability and aesthetics

Disc brakes MEYLE PD as compared with the drum have a more attractive appearance. It is a pity that this feature is not constant, often after several weeks of operation in our climate cheap brake discs start to become covered rust stains. The results of corrosion can seriously affect braking performance and quickly ruin the look of the car.

Traces of rust on the disc surface quickly erased if the car is not idle for long, and the driver is actively using the brakes. But in this case there is more pollution: Products Brake pad wear envelop wheels in the form of dust.

Usually when the MOT only replace the brake pads are not paying enough attention to the brake discs. But they are not less dependent braking effectiveness. Poor quality discs are distorted from overheating. Often wheels rust very quickly on all sides. Resistance to corrosion of the brake discs is extremely important because it affects the quality and durability of the braking components of the brake mechanism.

Brake “Platinum” Disc brakes MEYLE PD breaks all stereotypes. Henceforth maximum performance and aesthetics are compatible, beauty requires sacrifice. Presented by German company Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG at the exhibition “Frankfurt-2014″ updated brake discs MEYLE Platinum Discs (PD) have a number of advantages, which are confirmed in practice.

Disc brakes MEYLE PD: combination of reliability and aesthetics

Cutting-edge technology coverage brake discs provide them highly resistant to corrosion and excellent appearance over a long period of operation. Besides innovative coating brake Disc brakes MEYLE PD do not require the use of a protective oil film during storage disks are not therefore require degreasing.

In the process of obtaining a high-tech coatings of these discs used ultraviolet light, allowing superior to traditional coating performance properties. Exceptional corrosion resistance is achieved along with a more environmentally friendly production process. In comparison with traditional technology galvanizing production of brake discs to 100 discs MEYLE Platinum Discs can save the same amount of electricity as the year draws to a fridge average family of three. Upon receipt of an innovative coating Disc brakes MEYLE PD Do not use solvents.

Steel, of which produces brake discs MEYLE PD, meets German standards of quality and ensures the preservation of the geometry and physical properties of the disk even at peak loads. Practical evidence of this – professional race in trucks! Yes, under the brand MEYLE supplied brake discs and Platinum Discs for commercial vehicles.

Brake discs and pads for trucks exposed to extreme thermal loads. Winner of European professional racing trucks Antonio Albacete uses the track in his brakes MEYLE. Champion said that for the new season his team tested three products from different manufacturers brakes, but the final choice was made in favor of the brake discs and pads MEYLE. The thing that drives MEYLE PD effectively dissipate the braking energy as heat.

Corrosion properties of Disc brakes MEYLE PD become particularly relevant in the run-up to the season of autumn weather, and their cost is pleasantly surprising. It is worth noting that the cost of innovative Disc brakes MEYLE PD is average quality of European automotive component manufacturers, and for some car wheels «Platinum» cost attractive disc competitors. All this, combined with unsurpassed performance and durability of the resource.

Most Disc brakes MEYLE PD Platinum Discs supplied with mounting screws, which also have high resistance to corrosion, which eliminates the “adhesiveness”.

Disc brakes MEYLE PD: combination of reliability and aesthetics

Achieve maximum braking performance and minimum braking distance paired discs brake pads help brakes MEYLE Platinum Disc. New brake pads premium specially developed for the highest requirements of luxury cars, SUVs (SUV) and light commercial vehicles (LCV). Brake pads MEYLE Platinum Pads have a high coefficient of friction, low levels of noise and do not contain copper and heavy metals.

Brake pads Disc brakes MEYLE PD are tested and certified according to the standard ECE-R90. Approval pad standard R90 means that the product properties better or at least not inferior to those of the original brake pads.

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