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Design new generation Audi a7 will be “radically”

Design new generation Audi a7 will be "radically"

Design new generation Audi a7 will be "radically"

With the arrival of winter in our region, Russian citizens tend to shop at the stores: someone needs a down jacket, someone insulated pants. On their own health do not need to save, so it is better to buy quality clothes that will last more than one season. There are various styles of fur coats in length sleeves, sometimes with inlays of other materials – also in the design of vehicles, each designer brings style designed car individual contribution.

Mark Licht, the new chief designer of the brand Audi, designed a concept sedan Audi Prologue, to demonstrate a new stylistic direction premium brand. I must say that at the Los Angeles Motor Show this car won the hearts of many experts for its smooth contours and a luxurious finish. In this case, Audi confirmed that the concept Prologue is a prototype of a new generation A7.

British motoring magazine Autocar managed to ask the Licht about design trends, to which he replied that the new A7 will have a more radical design than the previous generation. Moreover, the chief designer of Audi said that A7 will be “the most radical” of the three top models, t. E. Its design is bolder than the A6 and A8. The boundaries between these three and all the other models will become more apparent.

Over the past 4 years Audi repeatedly attempted to make adjustments to the style and design of the model range, the cars stopped being “too similar”. For example, in 2011 there was a “design intsiative” AQR, which was supposed to make a big difference between rulers R Sport, Quattro and hatchbacks. In 2013, a new concept of the now former designer Wolfgang Egger. But little of this has been done. Mark Licht decided to promote “Quattro-centric design”, which emphasizes gorizonatalnye line. But to judge the changes, it is necessary to wait for the new products.

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