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Crossover Audi subcompact will still be called Q1

Crossover Audi subcompact will still be called Q1

Crossover Audi subcompact will still be called Q1

Many motorists prefer to give their cars an individual appearance, so as to stand out from the crowd and express themselves. For these purposes, some are sent to the tuning salons where you can paint the exterior of the car – it uses a pneumatic gun. Others decide to buy a car once with personalization. For example, some brands of cars offered to paint the roof of the car in one color, and the body to another. In general, such methods are used for youth models, so perhaps and Audi will take this step, when release subcompact crossover Q1.

Sales of crossovers and SUVs around the world are growing, so Audi decided to increase the number of such vehicles in its own model range. Now the Germans are actively working on the flagship SUV Q8, which should add a premium brand of prestige, as well as over the subcompact Q1, which should attract a younger audience and increase your sales.

Audi initially wanted to name the youngest crossover Q2, since it is larger sitikar A1, and buyers could be put to confusion. However, the right to use this name belong to Fiat Chrysler. They also own the right to use «Q4», which stands for four-wheel drive models Maserati.

So subcompact crossover will be called Audi Q1, Q2 and the place will be a gap in the lineup. Its output is tentatively scheduled for 2016. Sales will start in Europe, where small crossovers are particularly successful. The model will be offered with front-wheel drive and a full, engines and transmissions for the time being remain a mystery. Note that the new SUV models are an important part of the plan to shift Audi BMW’s position as a leader in the segment of premium cars.

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