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Company Subaru sold in the US half a million cars

Company Subaru sold in the US half a million cars

Company Subaru sold in the US half a million cars

The past 2014 was a record for a Japanese company Subaru, which could implement the North American market half a million vehicles. Unfortunately, we do not know which model was the anniversary, but it was sold on the eve of New Year’s Eve, December 29 last year.

The figure of 500,000 vehicles sold a record. For example, in 2008 the Japanese brand sold in the US market 186,699 vehicles. Thus, over the past six years, sales volumes have doubled, and that – an impressive figure. The main creators of a new record and became the model Outback Forester. For 2014 the owners of these cars have become 300,000 Americans.

Slightly less popular in the North American market enjoyed a model Subaru XV Crosstrek, whose annual sales reached the level of 60,000 units. Curious fact that at the moment the model number of Japanese brand Subaru, presented at the North American market, there is no unwanted cars. As each car sold contributed to the installation of a new record.

In addition to these models Outback, Forester and XV Crosstrek Japanese company sells Subaru Impreza in the US market and Legacy. Both high-performance models are a good consumer demand and popularity. Accurate data for each model not, but, again, the annual sales volume of 500 000 copies of a very impressive! The Director-General of the North American division of the Japanese group Subaru said:

“We are delighted to have reached a historical milestone. The results of the annual sales of half a million Subaru vehicles show and prove – the company is building cars that people want to buy. Over the past six years, consumer interest in Subaru models showed stable growth and we are confident that in 2015 set a new record.

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