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Citroen DS4 got new engines

Citroen DS4 got new engines

Citroen DS4 got new engines

Citroen presented a slightly modernized version of the hatchback Citroen DS4. Interior and exterior changes automaker did not make – the French company just expanded the range of powertrains and a list of available color touring performances. Also added new multimedia system services.

Motor range now includes a 3-cylinder 1.2-liter 130-hp engine family PureTech. This unit replaces the outdated 120-horsepower VTi. Earlier, the new engine has expanded its line of engines updated model C4.

Also for Citroen DS4 now available 1.6-liter 120-horsepower 4-cylinder diesel engine. Both engines are paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Citroen DS4 got new engines

As for the colors, now Citroen DS4  the buyer can be ordered with a black roof. Available and new colors for the body – black, blue and red.

Also available as an option for the manufacturer offers a hatchback GPS-module DS Connect BOX, by which, among other things, you will be able to monitor the movement of cars on the map and receive messages if the alarm went off

Updated Citroen DS4 2015 received new engines

The French did not change the appearance and interior of the car, but he added two new power units, additional options for paint finishes and a new optional equipment.

Citroen DS4 got new engines

The range of engines updated hatchback replenished turbocharged 1.2-liter power unit family PureTech, developing 130 horsepower and a 1.6-liter diesel engine BlueHDi capacity of 120 horsepower. Both engines are combined with a six-speed “mechanics”.

The color scheme is added with new shades of black, blue and red colors. You can also choose the color of the roof of the car. As for accessories, the hatchback has become available for an additional GPS-module DS Connect BOX. With this device, the movement of the vehicle and an alarm can be monitored using the application on your phone.

The current version of the Citroen DS4 is represented in 4 trim levels, with a 1.6-liter petrol and diesel 2.0-liter engine, which can be combined with an automatic or manual transmission.

Citroen DS4 got new engines

“Quartet” received new engines, exterior colors and GPS Tracker

Citroen DS4 got new engines

There are no external changes, but among the family of three-cylinder engines appeared 130-strong PureTech unit volume of 1.2 liters. Note that a brand new motor first came to C4. Workaholic replaced the outdated 120-strong Vti.

For the model continues to offer four-cylinder diesel and 120-horsepower engine capacity of 1.6 liters. As transmission mounted six-speed manual.

To adjust the colors of the body added: black, blue and red. In addition, the machine can now be ordered with black roof.

Among electronic buns added optional system with GPS module – DS Connect BOX. The system Citroen DS4, among other things, allows you to see your car on the map of mobile applications, as well as receive notification of a triggered alarm.

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