• Today is: Thursday, December 14, 2017

“Charged” hybrid Mercedes-AMG will appear in 2020

"Charged" hybrid Mercedes-AMG will appear in 2020

The first “charged” model Mercedes-AMG, equipped with hybrid power plants, will be available by 2020. This is with reference to the head of research and development of Daimler Thomas Weber said the publication Autocar.

According to the engineer, the management of “Daimler” demands by AMG reduce the average amount of emissions across its model line and the most effective way to address this issue is seen in the use of hybrid technology. “Reducing fuel consumption will be a challenge for the AMG, but at the same time we see great potential in this” – said Weber.

New environmental standards imposed by the European Union, have set “Daimler ‘goal is to bring the average the amount of harmful emissions of all passenger cars to 101 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Otherwise, the concern will face heavy fines after 2021.

«While we did not use hybrid technology in the production of AMG, so that our customers are not ready for such machines. They need the most powerful and fastest cars in each of the existing segments, “- said Weber.

According to a top manager, in future models it planned to use an electrically driven blowers and function of energy recovery during braking, as this “easy and inexpensive system».

Earlier, the head of AMG, Tobias Moers said that future hybrid propulsion “mersedes” studio can be applied six-liter gasoline turbo unit V12, which will undergo “substantial modernization».