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Car with electronic keys – easy prey hijackers

Car with electronic keys - easy prey hijackers

Car with electronic keys - easy prey hijackers

To such conclusion experts of the British Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. According to them, the percentage of stealing expensive car with electronic keys has been growing steadily in recent years.

Recently increasing popularity of cars that open and factory with a dongle, which the owner holds in his hand. Despite the fact that manufacturers are constantly updating the software, the ability to acquire the keys to the Internet there and hijackers. They just have to reprogram the car with electronic keys, says BBC .

The company Jaguar Land Rover say that the problem of reprogramming car with electronic keys hijackers – a common problem across the industry.

“We take this issue very seriously and are working closely with the insurance companies, the police and our engineers to stop the growing threat” – the company says.

Among emphasize that such crimes are already entailed several court cases.

Insurance companies, in turn, consider each case individually. The Times has already reported the case of a theft, when the insurance company AIG refused to cover the damage.

Car with electronic keys - easy prey hijackers

The company says that they cannot cover all cases without considering the details of the case.

“Given the likelihood that insurance can be the cause of theft, we ask owners to take additional security measures. Such as parking, garage, or installing special retractable pillars. We can refuse to pay insurance only as a last resort” – the company said.

Company Thatcham Research, collect data in the United Kingdom on behalf of the holders of insurance policies, also recognizes that it is a widespread problem.

However, the frequent theft of BMW or Audi were not related to a specific system of car with electronic keys, and with the popularity of these machines in Europe.

The Weakest Link – car with electronic keys

It is believed that car theft is becoming more difficult. In Britain, the number of hijackings dropped from 318.000 in 2002 to 77.500 in 2013.

Nevertheless, the number of thefts of vehicles with an electronic security system grows.

The Company Motor Manufacturers and Traders say that the legislation should be tightened, as the equipment used for theft, is today quite legally in the public domain in any garage.

“We must be sure that the law regulates the use of this equipment, and it does not fall into the wrong hands,” – say in the Company.

However, Ian Crowder, a member of the British Society of motorists AA says that one should not exaggerate the risk of car with electronic keys.

“There is still the most common cause of theft is theft of car with electronic keys from the house. So the car with electronic keys is still the weakest link in the security system. If someone has a car with electronic keys on your machine, it means that he has and your car, too.”

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