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Cadillac to create a small sedan and a compact crossover

Cadillac to create a small sedan and a compact crossover

Cadillac to create a small sedan and a compact crossover

Cadillac is planning to expand its influence on the domestic market, where premium brand is in close competition with the German trio. Global sales of American automaker last year increased by 4% thanks to strong demand in China. However, in his native US sales were down 6.5% to 170,750 copies. To remedy the situation, General Motors has allocated a subordinate brand about 12 billion dollars to upgrade the lineup.

New product from the nearest Cadillac flagship sedan will be CT6, which should appear in 2015. He will be on the top spot among sedans, but later planned to set up another luxury sedan – rival Mercedes-Benz S-Class, its appearance is expected in 2020. More compact sedan should appear in 2017 – it will be the smallest of the chetyrehdverok Cadillac. Its name is still unknown, but it is in the model number will be on the step below the ATS.

Changes are coming and among crossovers Cadillac. In 2016 is expected to significantly redesign SRX – a model that is best American premium brand. Two years later, at the SRX should appear “younger brother”, which arise in the model number on the step below. In addition to the compact new items, Johan de Nisshen, the new president of the brand, it is recognized that they would like to create more and crossover, which would occupy an intermediate position between the SRX and Escalade.

Johan de Nisshen took over the management of the company in September, when I left the Infiniti. He has remembered two bold steps: creation of a new nomenclature, as well as marketers move to new headquarters in Manhattan. Under his leadership, the company also began to think of the possibility of upgrading the line powertrains and creating hybrid and electric installations.

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