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By 2020 AUDI introduced an SUV off-road Flagship

By 2020 AUDI introduced a new off-road Flagship

By 2020 AUDI introduced a new off-road Flagship

Reduced gasoline prices have already affected the automotive market, as buyers have become more interested in the large and productive models. Save on gasoline will not need the same amount of oil, put in a tank, now costs less. These tanks are specially designed for safe transport and storage of oil and oil products. Consumer demand due to the availability of fuel was switched to SUVs and sports cars, so it is not surprising that Audi decided to urgently develop a new flagship model of its line SUV- Q8. This was stated by the president of Audi Rupert Stadler in an interview with Bloomberg.

According to the head of Audi, the demand for large SUVs have kupeobraznye in the USA, China and the Middle East. Stadler argues that the larger model can “strengthen the position of the brand,” and he was “firmly convinced” that the company needs an SUV in 2020. Actually, by the time its going to work out and in addition to other novelties. Audi just going to spend about 24 billion euros in new technologies and the expansion of the model range from 50 to 60 cars.

Now flagship SUV in Audi SUV is the Q7, a new version of which was demonstrated at the Auto Show in Detroit. The Germans believe that the larger and more expensive model will help them gain a foothold in the United States, where they now sell half the cars than their competitors. However, by that time, as Q8 will hit the market, it has already acquire numerous rivals. BMW last year announced the establishment of an SUV X7, Bentley ready this year to present the “most luxurious SUV” Bentayga, Maserati finalizing Levante, and Jaguar will release next year crossover F-Pace.

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