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BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne S: Comparative test-drive

BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne S: Comparative test-drive

In our test, BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne are vying with each other for the title of the sports crossover in the class, and not just for him. Indeed, in the daily life of these cars do not drive on racetracks

Bavarian crossover went over fully armed to the recently appeared in the form of a model of a new generation, which was the precursor to look aggressive and technically updated. Although Porsche Cayenne no fool – Vehicles upgraded during the planned restyling. As a result, he received a retouched appearance and recustomized suspension, which made it even better controlled than before. There he and other updates on the technical side, we’ll talk about them later.

New the BMW X6 is currently available with three powertrains. Two of them gasoline. This is an option with a 3-liter turbo engine capacity of 306 hp, as well as a version with 4.4-liter engine developing 450 hp But the remaining turbodiesel having a volume of 3 liters, also available in three versions already forcing: 249, 313 and 381 hp In the latter case, the motor is supplied with three (!) Turbines.

BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne S: Comparative test-drive

The range of Porsche Cayenne is much more. In order not to bother the figures, say that the power of diesel engines of 245 and 385 hp, and gasoline – from 300 to 570 hp There is also a gasoline hybrid of a total capacity of 416 hp.

We should also mention the new 3.6-liter turbo V6 power of 420 hp, which replaces the 4.8-liter atmospheric “eight”, developing 400 hp It is this modification we have taken the test. But the BMW X6 we were able to test in two versions – with a petrol V8 engine with 450 hp and turbo diesel, developing 381 hp According to power our test Cayenne S is located just between them.

By the number of the skin, gone to trim, Porsche Cayenne can compete even with Rolls-Royce. She even trimmed steering wheel and seat base. However, such a finish is optional. But it looks great. And if the client and to little for him skin may even pasted buttons and trims … deflectors ventilation system. BMW test is finished is not so rich, although in order for it offers a lot of stuff. In short, in the comparable trim both cars have a high-quality materials and their cabin panels differ accurate fit.

BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne S: Comparative test-drive

But the ergonomics BMW ahead. That’s because Porsche button interface with a small TV by modern standards looks outdated. It is especially difficult in the movement to use the buttons on the center console, as this process is distracted from the road. BMW has an algorithm to use a joystick iDrive system allows you to manage them blindly, and his big screen with super fine graphics is competition not only against the background of the opponent, but in general in its class.

BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne S: Comparative test-drive

The driver sits like a Porsche Cayenne in the cocoon tightly fixed rollers powerful lateral support seats. And visual landing seems a bit crowded because of the tall and very wide central tunnel. The driver seemed to grow into the car with him becoming one. The seat has a rigid packing and excellent profile – in this not ever get tired.

Landing in the BMW X6, surprisingly, lower, that is actually the passenger. Lateral support seats have been made, but compared with his rival can say that it is almost not. But we liked the seat itself, even more than the Porsche. The fact that his “break” back better adjusted to the human figure. And softer stuffing, which evokes a feeling of comfort.

Migrating to the second row easier to Porsche, although here the small doorway. But the roof is slanted, both in BMW, so landing does not need to bend down. If the front seat is Cayenne person 180 cm tall, then the passenger seated behind the same height is about 15 cm in front of the knees, whereas in the BMW about 5 cm smaller. But in the Bavarian crossover can somehow place the foot under the pillow dropped to the stop of the front seats, while the Cayenne there is no place left. Both players offer about 3 cm between the head and the roof, but to lie down on the head restraint is obtained only in Cayenne – the compartment silhouette of BMW such a “luxury” does not allow.

BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne S: Comparative test-drive

If the score for sofas, here, as they say, taste and color. In a Porsche seat stiffer, with strong lateral support and are located higher than the opponent. BMW’s lower sofa and soft. Profile seats in both good, but only in a Porsche, you can adjust the tilt backs. Both are equipped with a separate climate system for the rear passengers, and separate.

In terms of luggage wins Porsche – sloping roofline BMW X6 steals the desired liters. However, these cars are not buying for the amount of luggage, and most of the other qualities. But the lack of a spare wheel at BMW we write in the negative, because Runflat tires on our roads may be damaged so that any further movement on them would be impossible.

At idle the engine in the diesel saloon BMW felt a slight vibration, which after pulling away disappears. Traction – car and small truck. Only, despite the presence of as many as three (!) Turbines, in principle, an obligation to eliminate any delays in response turbo noticeable at low revs. Even in sport mode the delay in the supply of fuel remains, although in general they are small and do not interfere with controlled acceleration. The automatic transmission works smoothly and almost unnoticed – even in the “kick-down” almost no pause. The engine has delivered “timbre” and even at maximum speed remains quiet.

Modification of the BMW X6 with gasoline V8 engine like us more. This unit provides remarkable traction even when the turbine has not untwisted, ie right from idling speed. And when they in full force, just hold on – the acceleration is imprinted in the chair. And what with the sound! This multi-cylinder Bass wants to listen again and again. “Automatic” is working perfectly, and the accelerator pedal responds linearly. Is that in the sports mode when driving in traffic jams reaction to the “gas” bluff?

BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne S: Comparative test-drive

The new 420-hp engine Porsche traditionally marks at startup, then calms down. Traction abound here, but as usual delays accelerator pedal too large. They are especially noticeable at the exit on the road with heavy traffic when you need to sharply accelerate: press on the pedal and in response to second pause. But it is necessary to go into sport mode, how things are improving, and the car begins to react promptly to the fuel supply, and “automatic” stop trying at every opportunity and an awkward case switch “up”. But there is also a “sport plus” (optional), in which the pedal “gas” is like a raw nerve, and the transmission stuck in low gear. This exhaust system when switching begins to sniff. In this mode, it would be desirable to drive, but the move safely in traffic is absolutely impossible.

About the brakes of our competitors say, in essence, there is nothing – they both work perfectly.

Steering Porsche, committing 2.7 turns from lock to lock, different exemplary feedback, as well as fast and smooth simultaneous reactions. If we did not know that there is electrical power, for nothing would not believe, because it feels real, honest. And here at the Bavarian crossover feedback is not so is natural: reactive force is felt in some artificiality bagels, although overall no complaints here. In addition, BMW wheel has a pronounced “zero” than the opponent. Thus, despite the lower steering sharpness (exactly 3 turns from lock to lock), the Bavarian car quickly and accurately change the direction of motion. The feeling is that no crossover to manage, and a sports car with a stiffer suspension.

BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne S: Comparative test-drive

And have it modified BMW turbodiesel really hard (in the basic version M50d fitted with M-package), so delicately controlled BMW X6. Riding it delivers genuine pleasure on the highway and on a winding road. Crossover to be extremely accurate driving and literally provokes speeding. The driver revels in the feeling of flying and then suddenly drew attention to the speedometer digits, hanging over the bonnet (BMW is equipped with a projector indications on the windshield), and … immediately realizes that now could easily lose the rights. So you’d better get off the highway and go to looping through the trees and hills, winding road.

Here drive more. Crossover though reduced in size, and as the mold draws trajectory. This understeer is not at all! Active rear differential adds traction to the rear outside wheel and literally fills the car into a corner! Sensations such as if you are pushing a giant invisible hand. And when suddenly go too far with “gas”, the crossover can wag “feed”, as if he did not drive full, and the rear.

Perez gasoline modification BMW X6, we find the same thing, despite the lack of hard M-suspension. If carried out instrumental measurements, a bunch of turns version with M-package will be faster, but in real life it is impossible to notice the difference.

Porsche goes to “mature.” Stability on the line he is even better than the BMW, and the driver at high speed remains calm like a boa constrictor. The car is so unshakable that no injection of adrenaline while driving on a highway causes. Perhaps this helps zone in near-zero wheel, whereby reactions to control actions at small angles on the Cayenne blunted.

And winding road Porsche behaves calmly. He pronounced a little understeer, but only so far as to show the driver that he is exceeding the limits of tire grip in the corners. The grip of roadbed while sport car. Cayenne is managed academically correct and gentle bends off from an opponent. But in sharp turns prevails already BMW.

In between the controllability of our competitors, we put an equal sign. Differences in nuances. Tom, who are accustomed to the behavior of Porsche, Bavarian crossover at first may seem too fidgety and too sharp. Conversely, BMW fans will say that Porsche is too straightforward and not as quick reactions to control actions. But in general, cars are worthy of each other, because both are great.

In soundproofing are also approximately equal. Both noticeable hum on winter tires, but it does not cause irritation. Wind is quiet even prohibited by the rules of speed and engines delight noble “timbre” and do not strain the eardrums.

BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne S: Comparative test-drive

But on the ride it all depends on the configuration BMW X6. If you select a modification M50d, the driver and passengers have to put up with constant shaking nearly all types of irregularities. In comparison, the Porsche is not going, and floats on its air suspension (although hard hitting on sharp bumps still held). BMW X6 gasoline but not having the M-packet goes better. In comfort mode, the shock absorbers BMW even allows himself imposingly wiggle literally lulling riders. In the sport mode, swinging disappears and begins to be felt micro profile road, but the level of filtering irregularities is still better than at Porsche in the “comfort”. It is a pity that for turbodiesel version M50d cannot order a standard chassis.

But gasoline BMW X6, not equipped with M-package, with excellent handling gives its fares very high level of comfort not available air suspension Porsche. However, to call Cayenne loser not dare. These cars are in quality so close that the choice between them is very difficult – it will depend on personal preference.