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BMW hang on the sedan M3, AT LEAST 67 logo “M”

BMW hang on the sedan M3, AT LEAST 67 logo "M"

BMW hang on the sedan M3, AT LEAST 67 logo "M"

When automakers are preparing for their cars special modifications, they necessarily mean badges, as a rule, on the body and interior, for example, on the backs of the seats. However, the Bavarians from BMW that was not enough, and his M3 sedan generously supplied 67 units logo “M”. Count conducted in the automotive publication Car & Driver, the car became an object of study, provided for long-term testing.

Journalists began counting from the bottom of the car. It turned out that there dwells the most number of logos. Three letters “M” were seen on the cover plate under the engine, another 4 – under the exhaust system and noise insulation materials. The design of the suspension was seen about 20 logos: one for each block on the wheels and brakes on various joints of the suspension, and so on. On the back of Car & Driver noticed only 4 logo: on the radiator grille, fenders and trunk lid. If you open the trunk of a sedan, the logos can be seen on the body of the engine, radiator and even brackets for the headlights.

Next 2 logo can be found on the rapids BMW M3, as well as on the gear lever on the steering wheel and pedals. Logos “M” are illuminated on the back of the front seats and the dashboard light up immediately 2 “M” matches when at least one of the doors open.

Thus, 67 journalists have been able to find logos on one sedan – and that’s just the ones that can be seen from the outside. If remove body panels and peer into the design, there may be more.

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