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BMW build a competitor luxurious Mercedes-Maybach S-class

BMW build a competitor luxurious Mercedes-Maybach S-class

BMW build a competitor luxurious Mercedes-Maybach S-class

According to a number of influential European media in the near future on the world market appear flagship sedan BMW 9-Series, which will be the main competitor to the newly revived brand Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. To date, the management of the Bavarian company is considering the production of a luxury car, whose debut could take place in 2017.

Recall More spring 2014 official representatives of the German company BMW hinted at a more luxurious model, which will be above the current flagship 7-Series. This hint – a concept sedan BMW Vision Future Luxury concept (pictured). During the presentation of the amazing car company noted that the concept of a “long-term view of the perception of luxury brand BMW».

Note, however, mass production concept sedan BMW Vision Future Luxury concept, which can get the name 9-Series, has not yet been confirmed. How to assure our European colleagues, the production version of the rival Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will be held in 2017.

  It is expected that the new flagship sedan BMW 9-Series models will be considerably larger 7-Series with a lengthened wheelbase. Its estimated length is about 5500 mm. If the project is approved, a new luxury car already in the standard version will have the laser head optics and taillights with OLED technology.

Another important point! In May 2015 the new Director General BMW takes Harald Krueger. According to unofficial information, Mr. Krueger very favorably to the project BMW 9-Series. So sooner or later the Bavarian brand can release a new flagship model, able to compete with the concern Daimler, who raised brand Maybach.

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