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Mazda will bioplastic for car, do not require painting

Mazda will bioplastic for car, do not require painting

Mazda will bioplastic for car, do not require painting

This week in Tokyo, the Mazda and Mitsubishi Chemical will present a new material suitable for the manufacture of external body parts. New plastic materials obtained from plant origin and do not require painting.

Mazda Motor Company together with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation has developed a bioplastic for making external parts of the car body. A new material derived from organic and colored in the mass, whereby the part of the bioplastic becomes deeper hue and almost a mirror surface. Their quality is superior to that of the usual, coloring plastic.

Mazda is engaged in development of bioplastics for several years, and as noted in the company, it was the first in the automotive industry has received a high-strength bioplastic plant, resistant to high temperatures, usable trim, as well as biological tissue for upholstery, created entirely from plant fibers.

Now, Mazda has developed a material suitable for both trim and external parts of the body, thanks to the optimization of heavy-duty and easily formable new bioplastic with additives and dyes.

This material will allow the company to produce items that are as strong as usual made of ABS-plastic, but they have a quality surface, which should have a positive impact on the design.

The new bioplastic for the first time will be used for the manufacture of interior parts of the new Mazda MX-5 in 2015, after of this material are also planning to manufacture external body parts stock car Company.

New products will be on display this week at the exhibition of ecological materials in Tokyo.

We add that this summer in the US group Ford, a world-renowned manufacturer of Heinz ketchup and investment firm 3G Capital reported on a joint project to study the possibility of using fibers of tomatoes in the creation of bioplastics for cars.

Mazda will make ecological plastic for cars

The Japanese car manufacturer is preparing to introduce its own development – a biological plastic. Now the machine will have plastic components made of organic material.

Mazda will bioplastic for car, do not require painting

The main feature of the new mothers – is no need for painting. Natural coloring are added at the time of manufacture of plastics. Now companies are already developing natural dyes. Thus “Mazda” believes that the new technology will significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.

As an example, the company told about the standard pattern of body painting. The surface is very hot, deformed layer and evaporate harmful substances (when applied varnish).

Japanese experts believe that the new bioplastic looks much better than the painted body parts. The surface of the new mothers has a beautiful mirror tint. Just the surface has a smooth structure and better reflects sunlight.

Bioplastics will be shown at an exhibition in Tokyo a few days. The event is fully dedicated to environmentally friendly materials.

It is planned that the first ecological model is the MX-5 roadster, which will get the interior of bioplastics.

Mazda will make the machine components of bioplastics

The company Mazda Motor has developed a new type of plastic created from organic materials. The Japanese plan to use this material when creating a body of the car, which will reduce the negative impact on the environment. The first model to receive elements of the interior of the new material will be the new MX-5.

Mazda will bioplastic for car, do not require painting

According to the Japanese company engineers, machine components made from bioplastics do not require additional painting because the color is given even during the processing of raw materials. And this, in turn, helps to reduce the negative impact on nature, because at the time the standard scheme of paint on the body, in an atmosphere of harmful substances evaporates.

Besides marked visual advantage over materials from biopastika painted parts of the body. As explained in the Mazda, body parts of bioplastics have a lower roughness than metal counterparts, and because of this they get a nice view of the mirror and more shine.

The first prototypes by using friendly to the environment of the material will be presented at the Tokyo exhibition devoted to new materials in the coming days. After innovative product will be used in parts of the interior of the new Mazda MX-5, the manufacturer will begin to introduce bioplastics in exterior components of other models.

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