• Today is: Friday, December 15, 2017

Audi A7 drove without driver 900 km on American roads

Audi A7 drove without driver 900 km on American roads

Audi A7 drove without driver 900 km on American roads

The concept of “unmanned” Audi A7 piloted driving alone drove about 900 miles from California to Nevada. So extravagant car arrived at CES in Las Vegas. According to the participants test-drive, high-tech German car has successfully coped with the traffic situation on the roads.

Engineers and pilots Audi, responsible for testing A7 gave the car the nickname “Jack”. During a test run for 560 miles, standalone machine used for orientation in space laser scanners in the radiator grille and rear bumper, three-dimensional camera and lidar that scan their environment at 360 degrees.

The concept of “drone” Audi is able to move without human control with a maximum speed of 110 km / h. In the settlements of the driver was forced to take control of the vehicle – such are the demands of safety regulations.

Earlier, the Audi RS7 test the system “autopilot” set a record Hockenheimring race track in Germany. During the test drive the car drove without human one lap in 2 minutes 10 seconds. In some areas the car to accelerate to 220 km / h, and the error of following the path is measured by several centimeters.

In addition, the German automaker intends to release in 2017, the first mass car with the function of autonomous driving. The new technology will be presented together with the new generation A8 series.

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