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Ariel SUV created on the basis of Atom

Ariel SUV created on the basis of Atom

Ariel SUV created on the basis of Atom

Choice of tires is always carried out by several parameters. It is necessary to take into account the climatic features of the area where the vehicle is operated. Such as tires Goodyear Efficient Grip, for example, well behave in the wet, and even received a reward from AutoExpress. Therefore, they are suitable for the regions where rain is frequent, and in the cold season on the road a lot of slush. Another thing tires for rally cars – they should behave and fine gravel on the surface and in the desert, and on the rocks. What the vendor selected for its new off-road car Ariel is unknown, but it looks pretty brutal car.

Ariel automaker famous for creating the track car Atom, which is a frame structure of the tubes. However, this model was suitable only for smooth slopes, while car buyers tend to more off-road type vehicles. That worked in Ariel on his model, to make it conqueror of forests and dirt. Premiere of the car will take place on January 9 at the show Autosport. The manufacturer believes that it is possible to use the car in rally-raids.

Ariel Nomad model is based on Atom, but has a streamlined design for better protection and security is expensive. Style is still minimalist: frame tubes, rims 15 inches and impressive size of the tire. Also, the model has received or other off-road attributes: the spare tire on the roof, searchlight, underbody protection, increased ground clearance and protection from tipping over.

In Ariel say that the car has passed tests in forest areas and in places of rally-raids, where he showed a good side. However, the car remains monoprivodnom, and to compare it with the all-wheel drive SUV, a little later he would be sent to the tests in the rocky terrain and mud areas.

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