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2015 Nissan X-Trail New Test Drive 

2015 Nissan X-Trail New Test Drive 

2015 Nissan X-Trail New Test Drive 

Remember, in the past generation Nissan Qashqai crossover is available as a “2” with a stretched wheelbase and an optional third row of seats? The new X-Trail is so much like the modern Qashqai that, by analogy with the Qashqai + 2 and it wants to be called X-Trail “minus two”: the new “X” for the first time received the third row of seats in this generation, but in Russia it offer not even as an option.

Let’s just take a look at what else we will not see in compared to other markets, which has released a new Nissan X-Trail. Oddly enough, but the third-row seat and say something special about. Perhaps, there is only a very specific version with turbodiesel, front-wheel drive and CVT – it we also will not.

But will everything else. On the ninth in December 2014 at a factory near St. Petersburg launched production of the following modifications: front-wheel drive with a gasoline engine 2.0 “mechanics” or with the CVT, all-wheel drive with engines 2.0 and 2.5 (only with a continuously variable transmission), as well as all-wheel drive version with turbodiesel 1 6, only “stick”. A very wide choice.

This variability allows nissanovtsy to believe that the current crossover satisfy customer with a variety of demands and will become just as popular as the predecessor model, which for seven years has found release in Russia more than 165 000 customers! Just think: this means that every year the owner of the X-Trail became more than 20 000 people in our country! Very impressive figure, further “weighted” by the presence of X-Trail in the top three best-selling crossovers Nissan all these years.

What will “take” the buyer a new X-Trail? Of course, first of all completely different, more modern and elegant appearance. Expand the audience is now possible at the expense of the female population (not a secret that in previous generations of this crossover chose mostly men), and by bringing under its wing those former “cubism” was not very much to their liking. However, one can not assume, and what fans of brutal forms of this interpretation, on the contrary, do not like it.

From afar, the new Nissan X-Trail, indeed, not so easy to distinguish from the previously released and, by the way, built on the same platform as the crossover Qashqai. Similar and shape of the headlights and the overall proportions of the body, and even the characteristic curve of the rear windows. But the front of the X-Trail is more massive, with a forward “Jaws”

For us, the appearance of X-Trail is not to say that has become quite unusual. Back in 2012 in Geneva, was presented the concept car Nissan Hi-Cross, from which our today’s hero is copied almost a carbon copy. In addition, before the advent of the Russian market of the new X-Trail, started selling “junior» Qashqai and “older» Pathfinder, which were actuated by the same style, single now for all crossover Nissan.

For the first time on how to look coming from Nissan crossovers in general and the X-Trail in particular, we have learned at the Motor Show 2012, where the Japanese presented their concept car Hi-Cross. Many design elements moved to new Qaqshqai, Pathfinder, and now on the X-Trail. Unfortunately, the same hybrid power plant, we in the new series X-Trail will not see, like a futuristic interior, from which there were only common features

Especially a lot in common in appearance X-Trail – and we have already notices at the beginning of the article – the model Qashqai. Immediately evident – native “brothers”! It seems that the difference is only in small details, but in fact, all body panels, of course, different. By the way, the Peter line until just punched the roof and sides, the remaining parts imported.

Behind the differences of Qashqai are more obvious. Roof falls not so fast, lights have a very different form and content, the lower part of the bumper is made with great relief, and the impressive size fifth door promises a much larger luggage compartment


Together with the appearance of Nissan is trying to bring to a common denominator, and the interiors of their crossovers. Interior of the new X-Trail is also reminiscent of the Qashqai. Such T-shaped architecture, such as the instrument panel, steering wheel and form a seven-inch screen multimedia system NissanConnect second generation.

The interior of the Nissan X-Trail – this is a huge step forward compared to the homely and outdated interior of the previous X-Trail. The quality of materials has increased by an order, there are more modern and interesting solutions. “Country” simplicity and “Cubism” forms now in the past

But the quality of the materials used on the X-Trail, better “kashkaevskogo” and, most importantly, just a cut above the gray “wooden” old-fashioned plastic and angular forms, which we observed in the interior of X-Trail the previous generation. If on the exterior is still possible to argue that uniquely salon became more comfortable, better quality, more expensive and has acquired a special gloss, until now for the X-Trail is not characteristic.

The instrument cluster Nissan X-Trail is almost exactly replicates per se with the crossover Qashqai. Concise, well-convenient. “Read” easily, and on a color display between the “wells” can bring a bunch of useful information. “Wealth” new salon X-Trail additionally emphasize the seven-inch display system NissanConnect 2.0 depressible, which, among other things, you can display an image of the circular review Around View Monitor, and activate the automatic “valet» Park Assist

Another great difference between the new X-Trail – ease of planting. The position of the driver – quite “passenger” range of adjustments – sufficient, and the seats Zero Gravity distribute the load so well that even a long journey they did not get tired. Very nice chair.

2015 Nissan X-Trail New Test Drive 

Zero Gravity seats are in good shape, optimum rigidity and a decent level of lateral support. The only drawback we would call too short pillow. Grown wheelbase of the new X-Trail has increased the space on the second row of seats. Login – convenient range of longitudinal adjustment – 140 mm, can be adjusted and the angle of the backrest and foot passengers can easily fit under the front seats. Unfortunately, because of the extra comforts for second-row passengers are only air on the center console and armrest

Among other things, became Nissan and spacious. Again, it is worth noting that they have a common platform with Qashqai – CMF (Common Module Family) – but the wheelbase is longer than the X-Trail, track wider, and the same suspension but constructively. Compared with the previous X-Trail generating new car is longer by 260 mm, up to 110 mm, wider than 200 mm and the wheelbase grew by 60 mm, which is bound to affect the increase in the free space in the cabin. In addition, the passengers of the second row, which is located amphitheater portion can move “sofa” in the longitudinal direction by 140 mm and change the angle of the backrest. Central tunnel behind no doors open to a wide angle (80 °), and the roof is no pressure on the head, even though such a dynamic “obstruction”.

Joint Platform Renault Nissan – CMF (Common Module Family) is a fully modular circuit consisting of five main components, which are marked in the image in different colors. Purple – cockpit, cabin; Orange – the engine compartment; green – rear end; Blue – Front; gray – electrical components. Shuffling between these components, the concern Renault Nissan intends to produce cars for the different classes. So, on the platform of CMF Nissan Qashqai and already produces X-Trail, and Renault, for example, is about to launch a new minivan Espace and Scenic, and the sedan Laguna. Just as long as about 14 models.

Returning to a common platform CMF, we note that the “filling» X-Trail is still very similar to the “stuffing» Qashqai. For example, both the car set essentially the same engines – petrol 2.0 liter turbo diesel and 1.6 liter. And if the latter do not change (it produces the same 130 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque, as in the Qashqai), the gasoline engine MR20D upgraded to X-Trail (full shift with the marking engine MR20DE on MR20DD). The compression ratio was increased from 10.2 to 11.2, and the modified algorithm injection system used for adjusting the valve, as the intake and on the exhaust. This made it possible to “steal” an extra three “horse” (was 141, was 144 hp) and four Nm (was 196, it was 200), while improving efficiency.

2015 Nissan X-Trail New Test Drive 

But buy Qashqai with more powerful (171 hp, 230 Nm) 2.5-liter engine, you can not, while for X Trail, this engine is still offered. The well-known QR25DE too little about modern: compression ratio grew from 9.6 to 10.0, and the adjustment phases have now and the intake and on release. They say that it will save as much as a tenth of the fuel.

On the center console is a comfortable arm CVT XTronic, as well as “Puck” transmission mode selection All Mode 4x4i. They remain three: 2WD, Auto and Lock (works up to a speed of 40 km / h)

As an all-wheel drive transmission X-Trail uses the same system All Mode 4×4 i, the rest of crossovers Nissan. The essence of her work is well known: it is a typical torque on demand, to throw back to the 50% of the time at a slipping front axle. Difficulty completing the rest of the stabilization system, podtormazhivaya desired wheel.

In this video we see how all-wheel drive All Mode 4×4 i help resist diagonal display. We experimented with different modes (Auto with ESP, Auto without ESP, Lock – in two variations). Even in the case of automatic distribution of the time-enabled stabilization system X-Trail with the task of coping. Little “downcast” in the beginning, after playing and turns variator gear ratio, the car still continues to move. However, the tests were performed on a coating with a very good hook. How it will be on a slippery – Check the spring.

During the test in Karelia case every. Some colleagues managed to get stuck in the soft snow, and even hang on the parapet, having touched with speed on corner entry. Sometimes we rented a car literally hands, sometimes used rope and shovel, but in all cases, help a good mood and constantly improving wheel drive system was felt distinctly: “brains” she clearly increased.

Clearance of the new Nissan X-Trail has remained the same – 210 mm. Not too little, but against the drifts and snow parapets – weak consolation. Even in combination with all-wheel drive All Mode 4×4 i. The consequences are quite serious departure – Minimum: cracked part of the molding on the front bumper, a little jam “bank” of the cavity and tore several clips clip on plastic protection engine compartment

Work variator XTronic liked us another Qashqai. On the X-Trail uses the same continuously variable transmission Jatco, but with different settings. And they differ not only from those on the model Qashqai. CVT to version 2.5 using a shortened main steam: 5.7 versus 6.4 on a modification to the engine MR20D. And for the turbodiesel (recall that the variator is also possible for the front wheel drive car with a turbodiesel, which will not be in Russia) ratio even shorter – 5.6! It is a pity, however, that we do not get such a vehicle; it must be quite nimble.

Moves pendants X-Trail, of course, very small. But combined with successful settings variator and all-wheel drive that is enough to cope with very serious diagonal display

2015 Nissan X-Trail New Test Drive 

But until we do, and provided an opportunity to test only the petrol versions, leaving even the all-wheel drive turbo to “handle” for later. Hustler how are they? Wonders of the two-liter modification we did not expect. Remembering dynamics Qashqai with a similar pair of “motor – variator” wait some special hurried from X-Trail is clearly not worth it. Its not. This is – a car for the city. For the lazy traffic lights starts and slow movement in the flow of power and torque is enough. But for the sharp acceleration or overtaking on the highway want to output the motor to maximize impact. It actively promotes the variator, in response to full throttle with pleasure throws the tachometer needle to the mark of 6000 rev / min. But there is more noise than the stroke corresponding hysterical voice engine acceleration is still there. Confirms “concerns” and formal specifications: 12.1 seconds to “hundreds” – rather undistinguished result.

Dynamics modification 2.0 is clearly not enough. If the city is felt not so much – it helps quite a reasonable variator – something on the track 144 horsepower is not enough: you push “on the floor”, and a little confused. Whether it version 2.5 – quite another matter! More power, torque and shortened the main pair do their job

Another thing is the 2.5-liter version. From the first meters of motion becomes clear as a self-contained vehicle. Power and torque are not much more than the two-liter car, but coupled with a shortened main couple variator it gives a very tangible result. Vehicle with far more readily responds to an accelerator, acceleration are much easier (especially after 100 km / h), and at full throttle rpm try to stay in the vicinity of the maximum torque (about 4200-4400 revolutions / min), which greatly improves the acoustic situation salon. More solid, correctly perceive this X-Trail, despite the fact that fuel consumption we went parity in both versions – about 10.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

2015 Nissan X-Trail New Test Drive 

Smooth running in the 2.5-liter version – much better than the two-liter, because the suspension settings are different. This is evident from the first meters way. I wonder what will be the “diesel”. While we ride on it was not possible

Immediately after meeting with the 2.5-liter X-Trail has become clear that it is preferable not only for stock traction, but also on the ride, as well as in terms of information and steering. For those interested in the “same” suspension Qashqai and X-Trail has such information: some details in spite of the external similarity, have different numbers in catalogs, and, consequently, different calibration and settings. Moreover, different suspension and all have versions available. It is this, together with an increase in curb weight, apparently, gives such an effect: X-Trail 2.5 on the move is seen much more comfortable X-Trail 2.0. Especially great “top” crossover smoothes the road fines, while the car with the engine 2.0 in some detail conveys fine “comb” and stones in the interior. The average roughness of the X-Trail passes just “five”, and only very large pit respond noticeable impacts. In this special claims-handling no one modification crossover. Behavior of course, the response to steering wheel enough even on ice and snow tires and roll in corners quite small (but very slippery). Stabilization system works correctly and is not sharply, always on time podtormazhivaya right wheel. You can disable it and try X-Trail in the slide.

On snowy and icy roads Karelia X-Trail allow you to move at a very decent speeds, almost completely without noticing. Clear control, logical responses and good noise isolation doing their job

In turn crossover comes with a little lazy, with a slight drift of the front axle, but then changed to the nature of understeer neutral, and “X” to slide all four wheels – smooth, predictable, easily. It is interesting to observe the distribution of torque between the axles on slippery surfaces on the dashboard display. Thus, at the time of the demolition of the system All Mode 4×4 i throws a moment ago, and when skidding completely removes the cravings to the rear wheels so that the driver could pull the car the front wheels. But it is all much, if not go into details and specially to attend. Feels the same – just a logical and understandable work-wheel drive, which allows a very gambling behavior behind the wheel of this Nissan X-Trail at its absolute complaisance.


So what’s the bottom line? Is the new X-Trail is so similar to the Qashqai, maybe, and it makes no sense to pay more? After reading this material, you are able to assess whether the “X” is different from his younger “brother.” Exterior, interior details so some of the same units – that’s all the similarities. At the same time, X-Trail is much roomier inside, its interior is decorated with better materials and more on the trunk of almost 150 liters. Gasoline engines for the X-Trail considerably upgraded and CVT and AWD have different gear ratios and settings.

2015 Nissan X-Trail New Test Drive 

The luggage compartment of the new X-Trail is 497 liters. A special regiment, with which you can create a multi-level space. The maximum amount of the same, with second row seats folded, is now 1,982 liters

In addition, a high level of customization options within the model X-Trail. Thus, depending on the modification, cars have different tuned suspension and a continuously variable transmission. Therefore, we would recommend that future owners to test all versions of the new X-Trail before buying.

Second row seat backs fold in one motion at a ratio of 2: 3 (but separately, you can also remove a large section of the armrest)

And that all this crossover will be as popular, we have no doubt. If only the new prices and the crisis will not have an effect.

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