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2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport – a new test drive

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport - a new test drive

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport - a new test drive

Farewell Freelander! After two generations of the compact SUV with automatic all wheel drive Land Rover in the family is no longer a place at the dinner table. His place in February took the car of a higher class with increased functionality. How is it linked to its off-road performance and road manners, sheds light our first test in snowy Iceland.

In the future the range of Land Rover Discovery Sport relies on functionality. He will be able to carry up to seven passengers, easier to evolve and accommodate more luggage. Reborn Freelander leaves oversaturated crossover segment where the Briton to compete harder and try to break into the niche of luxury SUV’ov as the BMW X3 and Audi Q5. Thus, Land Rover responds to requests from its customers, who ever look at the big Range Rover, but can not afford them.

After three new models, Range Rover Discovery Sport – the first all-new Land Rover in the past more than ten years. The new model is superior to its predecessor in length and four inches by eight – wheelbase. This format is still fit into the standards adopted in the class of compact SUV, but the Discovery Sports unlike direct competitors offers a third row of seats. And even if he was not ordered as an option, Land Rover presents a new format for practitioners: the trunk can accommodate majestic 981-1698 liters. Including using shifted by 16 centimeters rear seats. This was made possible thanks to a new, compact multi-link rear suspension, which distinguishes the novice from technically related Evoque.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport - a new test drive

Discovery Sport differs from the Freelander more rounded shapes and relies on style. With its rakish profile and gloss in detailing a beginner is likely related to the models of Range Rover, rather than with a shy model line Land Rover. This theme can also be seen inside where found vysokoprobny design and an abundance of first-class materials.

On the road behaves majestically

Behind the wheel of Discovery Sports felt differently than technically related Evoque. This is mainly explained by the different position of the driver’s seat: his pillow set a few millimeters above and back – more upright. However, planting is still lightweight and visibility is much better than his seductive cousin.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport - a new test drive

Chassis set quite comfortable, only urban speeds body shakes on 19-inch wheels. C this problem must cope adaptive dampers MagneRide, which will be available as an option. With an increase in the rate of progress is truly luxurious – reserved for swinging and low noise.

Steering is no different reference feedback, but precise and sharp, so that the passage of the ligaments turns unable to make the mobility of cars. The base offers an improved 6-speed manual transmission, but the supplement for automatic, definitely worth it. 9-speed automatic transmission is no longer so nervous. Automatic transmission not only gently and playfully adapts switches, but also allows you to extract from the engine thrust, not forcing the tachometer pointer to the top of the scale. Accelerating dynamics and not a loser: with 9 gears acceleration to 100 km / h improves by half a second with the same 2.2-liter diesel engine.

No compromises outside of paved roads

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport - a new test drive

As befits Land Rover, Discovery Sport outside of paved roads makes no compromises: who did not order an economical option with front-wheel drive, can expect to fully participate in adventurous nature outings. In dotted with dirt roads, rivers and rocks Iceland Discovery Sport climbs on snowy hills, storm tracks, rows in the sand and forwarded ford. And with a new wheel-drive system Active Driveline he is doing and where the drivers have finished the confidence and courage. Three electronically controlled clutch and a plurality of electronic assistants, which manages the system Terrain Response, require the driver only one thing – to press on the gas and indicate the course. There is not even a button of compulsory inclusion of all-wheel drive and locking clutch, which plays the role of the central differential.

Obviously, in the Land Rover were able to squeeze out of system capacity with four-wheel drive theoretical maximum. Anyway, moving on a parallel course Dicso 4 off-road can not go further, but lagging behind in the slush winding asphalt road.

Laconic tools, simple operation

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport - a new test drive

Thus, the ride does not require undue effort. Contribution to the relaxation and making new interior. Sitting in the front get much more freedom than in the Evoque, and elegant interior is impressive, if somewhat conservative simplicity: for important messages for the first time in a classroom equipped with flat screen (optional) tools is hard to beat in their clarity, and the center of the instrument panel is decorated with a touch screen completely new multimedia system, which replaces most of the buttons and controls.

The motors are not new, but to write them early

Against the background of such a technical stuffing as automatic emergency braking, airbag for pedestrians and automatic high beams, engines is far from being the most outstanding units. Discovery Sports has not got a new family of engines, which have been developed for Jaguar XE, and it starts with familiar units Evoque. Nevertheless, there is a choice of 2.2-liter diesel engine 190 hp and turbobenzinovym engine that extracts 240 hp Two liters of working volume. None of them can not help feeling a lack of power. Especially good diesel: mostly quiet and well impressed with his muscular 420 Nm of torque assertive newcomer.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport - a new test drive

Autumn range will join Discovery Sport version with a drive only the front wheels. In combination with a 150-horsepower diesel engine manufacturer promises a 4.5 liter average fuel consumption – is quite competitive rate, while the powerful all-wheel drive version numbers do not fit into the best, although it was middle-aged members of the class. After all, despite the fact that the Land Rover uses a lot of aluminum and magnesium to reduce weight, Discovery Sport weighs no less than 1.8 tonnes, so that his name is not entirely untrue. And even diesel quickly goes to figure 9-10 liters of fuel per trip computer display, if you drive aggressively, while the gasoline engine requires another 2-3 liters more.


Land Rover boldly examines the territory of Range Rover – he has already entered it, using the technique and technology junior representative luxury family. And even added a lot of myself compact rear suspension, a modified four-wheel drive and the latest security systems. Discovery Sport proportionally added in price, justifying it with greater capacity and better finish. High practicality remains dignity Land Rover, as well as the talent to conquer the roads.

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