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Ford has announced the third generation 2015 Ford Focus RS

Ford has announced the third generation 2015 Ford Focus RS

Ford has announced the third generation 2015 Ford Focus RS

The American automaker has officially confirmed the launch of serial production “charged” hatchback Ford Focus RS.

Car created a new division of Ford Performance, which in 2020 will develop 12 sports models with a blue oval on the bonnet.

The new 2015 Ford Focus RS will be 10% more powerful than its predecessor: 305-hp five-cylinder 2.5-liter engine will replace the 2.3-liter family of EcoBoost, developing 335 horsepower.

Exactly the same unit will be installed on the new generation Ford Mustang.

Transmission will remain the same – six-step “mechanics”.

Ford has announced the third generation 2015 Ford Focus RS

Save and front-wheel layout – from all-wheel drive in the end decided to give due weight gain and increased cost.

It is expected that the public premiere of the third-generation Focus RS will be held in January at the Detroit Auto Show, which will take place in mid-January next year.

Anyway Photospies already shoot model during tests.

Car sales will fall no earlier than mid-2016.

Approximate prices begin from 34 thousand euros.

Ford will release a sportier version of the 2015 Ford Focus RS

Company Ford confirmed plans to release a version of the sports car 2015 Ford Focus RS, according to a press release received by Car-Boom.

The demand for sports cars is growing around the world. In Europe and the US with 2009 sales of sports cars increased by 14% and 70%, respectively. In this regard, Ford brings together regional offices to develop sports cars and racing teams and form a single global team of Ford Performance, which will offer more new sports car in a shorter time.

Ford has announced the third generation 2015 Ford Focus RS

More than 12 new sports car companies, including the 2015 Ford Focus RS, will be available in the global market by 2020. It is also reported that the Ford Focus is the best-selling car in the world at the end of 2013, according to research firm Polk. The number of cars sold in 2013 amounted to 1 million 97 thousand. 618 units.

2015 Ford Focus RS appearance confirmed

“Charged” hatchback third generation is sure to be put into production. So, anyway, according to the department of new developments American brand.

Over novelty Corp. recently established in a new subdivision Ford Performance, collected from departments with specific names: Team RS, Ford SVT and Ford Racing.

Ford Performance, whose headquarters is in the technical center Ford in North Carolina, will deal exclusively with the “charged” models, of which five years is planned planed already 12 pieces.

Ford has announced the third generation 2015 Ford Focus RS

Model intend to sell globally, even where there is “charged” “focus” and had not seen before. The novelty will receive a new 2.3-liter EcoBoost returns with 335 horsepower instead of the previous 2.5-liter five-cylinder 305-horsepower engine. Bunch, as before, only with a six-speed manual gearbox.

They say that the hot-hatch would make all-wheel drive, but for some reason, refused and “Focus”, as before, will receive a front-wheel drive with limited slip differential, and the front suspension, minimizing the effect under heavy acceleration. Rumor has it that the model appears at the motor show in Detroit and sale Ford Focus RS will begin no earlier than 2016.

Himself head of the new developments as described their most powerful Focus: «If necessary, [he will] show excellent results on the track, and will be well suited for daily trips around the city.”

That’s right, friends, and car for every day, it turns out.

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